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Contagion Cabaret


2.2.18. The St Anne’s Camerata premiered 19 new compositions in a concert that concluded a 3 month collaboration with Prof. Sally Shuttleworth and the University of Oxford Curiosity Carnival.


Composer interviews:

Camerata Contagion 2018 pic 1 Camerata Contagion 2018 pic 2 Camerata Contagion 2018 pic 3 Camerata Contagion 2018 pic 4 Camerata Contagion 2018 pic 5

Leo Klintman                     Contagion

Jo Willis                                Vogliomorire

Ruth Harris                         Contagion Curse

Sidney Frankcom             John’s Disease

Cara Parry-Jones              The Contagion Waltz

Eleanor Daft                       Bacteria

Emma Rednall                   Emergency Money

Helena Beel                        Contagion Curse

Jade Spector                       Still Looking for a Diagnosis

Johanna Fagaragen          Funfungi

Ella Cole                               Plague 

Zoe Jenkins                         Contagious

Harry Winks                       Contagion Cabaret

Holly Spearman                Pain Dance

Ewa Tomiczek                   Hypochondria

Fred Duffen                        Images

Kaia Carr-Meehan             Hayfever

Kirsty Pearson                   Crimson Curse

Isidore Hiscock                 Carbaminohaeomoglobin


The Contagion Composition Project

The composers are all participants on the Oxfordshire County Music Service Advanced Musicianship Programme (AMP).  They attended a variety of events across the academic year at St Annes’ College, including workshops, seminars, lectures, and rehearsals, working on harmony, composition, and performance.




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