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Following John’s appearance on BBC Radio 3 CD Review, the BBC discussion board erupted into an elaborate debate about whether trailers should interrupt the programme.  Comments about John were very complementary, however:

BBC Radio 3 Discussion Board, 15 March 2008

Message 15.   Posted by  DracoM1   on  Saturday, 15th March 2008 permalink: Wasn’t that a terrific Beethoven slot – detail, scholarship, painstaking explanation and highly illustrative material. R3 at its best.

Message 16.   Posted by  macforbie   on  Saturday, 15th March 2008 permalink  DracoM, This morning’s Beethoven session was an example of R3 at its incomparable best – simple but effective.

Message 20.   Posted by  wilf   on  Saturday, 15th March 2008 permalink: it was indeed a magical Beethoven slot. All fascinating and I agree the interview was informative and intelligent…

Message 26.   Posted by  CD Review Team – Host   on  Sunday, 16th March 2008 permalink  Thank you for your heartening comments. As regular listeners will realise, John Traill is a new voice on Radio 3. The production team on CD Review is always keen to find the right person for the job: John’s credentials as an academic (with a specialism in Beethoven orchestral music) as well as his work as an performing musician(he’s an up and coming conductor)seemed to fit the bill precisely. We are therefore delighted that you have given him the thumbs up. Hopefully we’ll hear from him again before too long.

Message 35.   Posted by  Michael-R-T   on  Monday, 17th March 2008 permalink  To summarise the feelings of everyone who has contributed to this thread, if I may be so bold: WE WANT MORE TRAILL AND NO TRAILERS!

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